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How To Use Facebook For Your E-commerce Site

In the last decade or so, marketing is one of the business aspects that has the most dramatically changed. The way we interact, communicate and perform tasks in this modern age has been completely revolutionized, and this has influenced digital marketing.

One facet of digital marketing that has tremendously benefited both users and entrepreneurs is the use of social media. Because the channels of customers you can get from social media are so massive, businesses can use them and garner more tailored and lucrative sales. It is also an excellent way to propagate messages and announce business deals.

facebook marketing

Out of all the social channels you can use, the most popular is of course Facebook. But as a business owner, what can Facebook really do for you?

Customers Can Reach Out

Traditionally, customers need to snail mail any comments or complaints about a service or product to a particular business. But today, people can easily contact you for any concerns and complaints – which constitutes quicker action and resolution. Facebook offers a wide reach and provides you with the opportunity to understand the perspective of your clients and customers.

Interact With Clients and Customers

After hearing out the clients or customers, it is now time to interact with them and leverage solutions for problems that have occurred. By establishing your own Facebook business page, you and your consumers can directly communicate and understand each other. This is the easiest way to know what they like and do not like about your products or services.

Better Brand Recognition

Facebook is one of the social media channels that authorizes you to share pictures, announce promotions, offer discounts and show videos to your target audience. Since people check their Facebook accounts almost every single day, there is always an opportunity to advertise. If you take the time to promote your page, the more people will check it out and know what your brand is all about.

Advertise Special Offers and Competitions

There are features on Facebook that you can use for raffles, promotions, and other deals. Running competitions is found to be very effective in engaging with your customers for your business website. Users will willingly like your Facebook page, share your post and tag their friends to participate in contests. Activities like contests, deals, and special offers can significantly boost your engagement.

Share Unique and Timely Content

Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not limit your posts to a certain number of characters. Because of this, you can create your own content and share it on your Facebook page. You can also share a link to your business’s blog post.

The best part about using Facebook is that the more traction your post gets, the more frequently it appears on the newsfeed of your followers. If they appreciate what they saw and read, they can easily click the share button and potentially expose your business to a whole different audience.

Use Facebook Targeted Ads

Facebook actually offers advertising platforms for business accounts. Whether you post regularly or not, creating targeted ads will get the most out of your ad spending. It targets your ads based on the location, demographics, gender, interests, age, and behavior of the user.

If you post the right content and find the right audience, you can obtain a massive engagement. Of course, this is easier said than done. Here is an article on how to use Facebook targeted ads to your advantage.

To sum it up, Facebook provides your business a digital platform to propagate what your business is all about. It is a channel where you can promote products and services in an interactive and unique manner while enabling your followers and customers to share their insights.

In return, you can closely observe customer behavior, carefully monitor the likes and dislikes of your audience and make informed business decisions. These are the reasons why Facebook is a critical marketing tool that every business should take advantage of.