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How to Increase Conversion Rate of an Ecommerce Site

Traffic conversion is the blood and soul of any ecommerce business aspiring to make it big in the near future. The word “conversion” refers to a particular action that you want your visitors to complete. It may range from online sales to email signups to social media shares and so on.

Now, what would be the ideal conversion rate for your ecommerce site? Well, the average conversion rate for landing page stands at 2.35%. But you are aiming to beat the competition. So, the target should be to reach somewhere between 5.31%-11.45%.

conversion optimization audit

With almost every other retail store launching its ecommerce outlet nowadays, the competition is fiercely cut-throat in the contemporary online commerce scene. Building a beautiful online store and stuffing it with your inventory alone won’t be enough to beat the competition. You have to “optimize” your site.

The post below offers the top tips to optimize your ecommerce store to boost its conversion rate.

Superior product images

Despite its amazing convenience, online shopping has one major disadvantage.

It does not allow the customers to touch and feel the product physically. Thus, you have to make your featured products as realistic as possible to help customers with an informed decision.

It starts with top notch product images. Here are some points that you should remember while uploading the photos of your products on your online store:

  • High resolution images for a clearer view
  • Photos must be taken with lots of white space all around the item
  • Upload photos of the product from different angles
  • High interactive product images that will enable viewers to zoom, pinch, scale and rotate images as per their want

Strategic product description

Next to photos, your visitors will check the product information before taking any concrete decision. Here are the tips you should remember for the best optimized product description for your site.

  • Information-rich yet concise product description
  • Start with bullets for main features and unique advantages of the specific item
  • Follow the bullets with an elaborate detail of the product in a paragraph
  • Don’t make it too long

Don’t forget to paste positive customer reviews about the product on the same page.

Count on product videos

Product videos are any day more influential than static images. Now, it’s true that video is a comparatively more costly affair than images.

But, there are ways to offset the cost quotient and still get appealing product videos for your ecommerce. The solution is testimonial videos from your customers. Just request your customers to send you testimonial videos featuring the product and the amazing experience they had with it.

Free deals

Nothing attracts a customer most than the “FREE” word.

One of the best ways to keep your traffic glued to your portal is assurance of handy savings. Visitors are as attracted to discounted sales and freebies as bees are to pollen. So, launch occasional sales on your website and coupons for your popular products. Even a handy 10-20% discount from your side will go a long way in pumping up the conversion rate.

You should also consider free shipping to make things more convenient for your consumers. If you can’t offset the shipping costs on all orders, at least allow consumers to enjoy free delivery from a certain order amount.

Invest in remarketing efforts

Remarketing is one of the smartest ways to boost CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) for your site.

Not everyone who checks your product and adds it to cart, buys it right away. Studies show around 96% of visitors leave a site without any conversion activity. This is where “remarketing” comes in.

The concept refers to the process where you target these visitors through relevant targeted messaging to influence them to complete the sale. These targeted messages will be sent to these visitors when they will participate in various activities in the web world. These include checking their emails, browsing of social media pages or checking YouTube videos.

The whole idea is to create a holistic influence around them. And, yes, while retargeting send your product messages with a lesser price guarantee than what they saw on your web page initially.

The other strong optimization tactics will be 24/7 live chat support, guarantee of advanced security measures to protect customer information, multi-payment facility and of course – easy and speedy browsing. Proof of sales addon tools are a recent tactic that helps build trust in a site the user is not familiar with.

Just put yourself into your potential customer’s shoes before taking up the optimization efforts and everything will fall into place.