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Easiest Ways To Build Quality Backlinks

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Backlinking plays a significant role in ranking your website and making sure it stays popular. It is essential for Search Engine Optimization and search engines like Google as it gives credit to your website. If you have a strong backlinks portfolio, your site will be considered credible and relevant.

As we know, when popular sites refer to your website, it increases your traffic. To accomplish this, you must apply link building methods that will connect you to new audiences and produce a strong backlinks profile.

There are many unique ways to do it, some are technical, while some are plain and simple. If you are not ready to spend money on backlinking tools, here are some easy methods you can adopt to start building quality backlinks.

Guest Blog

High quality and targeted guest posts are better than low-value, and mass-produced ones. There are many link building schemes out available today, but guest blogging is one of the most effective and organic techniques today.

The first step to guest blogging is to recognize the sites that would take guest posts. Scope around and find sites in your niche. You can also search the authors on your competitor’s site and conduct Google search for their names in a quotation, and include the domain as well. You can use the following search terms:

“John Doe” + “guest post” -yourcompetitorsdomain.com

You will find a list of results where this particular author had submitted his or her guest post. Some of these are merely article mentions so check the site thoroughly first before sending any posting request. Normally, websites accepting guest submissions post their requirements and guidelines. This is where you determine the topic to write about and how long your submission should be. Here is a more detailed article on how you can submit a guest post to other sites.

Blog Comments

Blog commenting on your niche sites is the quickest and most effective way to build high DA links. High DA links are the links from other websites that have high domain authority.

If you are a newbie blogger, commenting on blogs should be at the top of your link building strategies list. Here are two reasons why this should be a priority: One, blog commenting gets quality SEO and backlink ranking. Two, it generates more traffic to your site.

Make sure to be as natural as possible and try not to sound like a robot promoting another website. Use an authentic identity in commenting so as not to avoid looking like a spam. Other websites appreciate blog comments that are related to their posts and are written naturally. You can ask questions or add some value by commenting what is missing in the post.

Mention Influencers In Your Blog

If you are following a particular influencer, this is the chance to acknowledge them in your blog. Reciprocation is a norm in the field of blogging. By referencing influencers, or the brand they represent, you can potentially generate more links.

Many influencers keep an eye on their stats. Some of them return the favor by tweeting about your post. Essentially, the followers of the influencer you mentioned will check out the link routing to your site thereby adding up to the traffic you are receiving.

Doing this also cements your image to the audience’s minds. If they resonate with your article, they will consider you a reliable source and a credible writer in the industry. So if you link your posts to these influencers, make the effort to share and tag them on social media. The more you do it, the more you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Submit Infographic

One of the latest methods in building backlinks is through infographic submissions. This is a way to convey your content in a visual sense, and the demand for it today is very high. You can post infographics on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

There are also websites that accept infographic submissions along with your site link. As these are easy to understand and visually appealing, many people tend to share this more frequently.

There are so many methods in building quality backlinks. But using the right resources and techniques will help drive more traffic and rank your site better. Follow these simple tips above to help rank better and boos traffic.