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Waste management and federal laws

Faced with the delays accumulated in waste management regulations in the USA and faced with the inability of elected officials to organize, the state took more drastic measureshence the deadline of the year 2022 set by the new law which imposes recycling and compulsory recovery of all waste that may be. Today to meet these […]

Visiting Rhode Island

Founded on the dreams of an idealist, Rhode Island spreads today its rich maritime and industrial history against the backdrop of idyllic beaches and charming colonial villas. Even if it takes less than two hours by car to cross Rhode Island, the smallest state of New England hides a surprising diversity of landscapes and activities. […]

Sustainability in Raleigh, NC

Downtown Raleigh in North Carolina can be visited through a sustainability self-guided tour. If you stroll through downtown Raleigh hunting for signs of sustainability, you’ll find plenty of examples. The City’s Sustainability Tour is a 2.3-mile loop through downtown with stops at buildings, parks and restaurants that all represent some aspect of sustainability. The map […]

Who Uses SEO, Really

“How does Google settle which site to rank first?” Google utilizes an algorithm that attempts to understand what a particular page or website is all about. It also analyzes popularity and engagement of users. The answer to the question above is basically how a webmaster optimizes his or her site. Any company with an existing […]