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go check out the hot new jams. SNAKES ON THE BRAIN.

soon, you will be able to vote for this song in the Snakes on a Plane music competition. then when we win, you will hear our song in the movie.

for real

New album available now!!!

The new Captain Ahab album, After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase from deathbomb arc!!

Also, the Why is Anything Forbidden 2 compilation is available to buy. enjoy!

ahab not playing at the house party this friday

Sorry, gang.  Because of injuries sustained during the brutal video shoot last weekend, Captain Ahab will not be performing at the La Puente houseparty with Explogasm, et al this friday, april 7.  should still be an awesome party, so go regardless, but there won’t be any ahab.

Come be in the new video!!

We’re filming another Captain Ahab music video, for the song “U Want Me” off of the new album, After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams.

We’re filming a fake Captain Ahab concert for footage for the video. We’ll be doing the song about four or five times (probably at varying speeds) and we need folks to be in the crowd.

Specifically, we need YOU to be in it! If you want to be in it, come to Il Corral on Saturday, April 1st at 4:30pm (don’t be late, we’re starting filming AT 4:30) – plan on being there for about two/three hours. that should give you plenty of time to get over to the knitting factory for the Zolar X Totally Radd!! Mr. Pacman Anavan show, which will rule, so you should totally go to that if you weren’t already planning on it.

Also, bring CAMERAS with FLASHES if you’ve got them – very necessary!

Uh Oh, The Po Po!

uh oh the po po

Whitman – Uh Oh the Po Po
CDR – Barf Records
march, 2006

relevant track listing:

Whitman – Uh Oh the Po Po (Captain Ahab’s the 909 will never die remix)

Whitman record release party with Captain Ahab remix

Tomorrow night at the smell (march 17, 2006) Barf Records is releasing the new Whitman CDR single, “Uh-Oh the Po Po” which features a fairly awesome Captain Ahab remix of the title track.  Also, one of Jonathan’s other bands (Unnecessary Surgery) will be performing.  Awesome.

New website

Hey gang,

this is the new website design – It’ll be way easier to maintain, more informative, plus you can subscribe to posts via rss and leave comments and shit. woot.  also look for podcasts and such … this will be fun, and will probably eventually replace the yahoo group.

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