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Preorder the best CD EVER!!!

Hey friends,

you can now preorder the CD-EP “Snakes on the Brain” from deathbomb arc:


Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Snakes on the Brain
2. I was the only one there to suck (by tik//tik)
3. Rich as Fuck
4. Covered in Monkeys (featuring Rose for Bohdan)
5. Snakes on the Brain (remix by The Stomach Aches)
6. Until I Met You
7. Sex Penalty
8. Snakes on the Clean Radio Edit

YEAH.  Two awesome remixes by two of the greatest bands ever (aside from Captain Ahab, of course)!  Three BRAND NEW TRACKS.  Have you heard “Rich as Fuck” yet???  OF COURSE NOT, IT’S BRAND FUCKING NEW!!!!!  A CD version of “Covered in Monkeys”?!?!?  What more could you want from a disc?  Maybe a music video?!?

“Are you kidding??” you say, “there’s too much good stuff on here already!  My BRAIN won’t be able to take anything else!”

Well, FUCK YOU.  We’re putting a music video on here TOO, goddamn it.  Your BRAIN WILL JUST HAVE TO EXPLODE!!!!1

YES.  Lawrence Klein’s AWESOME new music video for the title track (Snakes on the Brain) is in the enhanced content for your viewing pleasure.  AND, also in the enhanced content there’s a remix pack for making your own remix of “Snakes on the Brain”

HOLY SHIT.  I can’t believe how awesome we are.

order now!  it’ll be shipped on August 18, when “Snakes on a Plane” comes out and the rest of the world realizes what you know already:  that Captain Ahab is fucking awesome.

Snakes on the Brain

Snakes on the Brain
CD – deathbomb arc
August 2006

1. Snakes on the Brain
2. I Was the Only One There to Suck (by Tik///Tik)
3. Rich as Fuck
4. Covered in Monkeys (featuring Rose for Bohdan)
5. Snakes on the Brain (remix by The Stomach Aches)
6. Until I Met You
7. Sex Penalty
8. Snakes on the Clean Radio Edit

Enhanced content:

“Snakes on the Brain” music video by Lawrence Klein
“U Want Me” music video by Lawrence Klein
“Snakes on the Brain” remix pack
Brian Miller – Lyrics
Will Kreppel – Guitar
Cristina Bercovitz – Additional vocals

mastered by Brian Mohr @ JABWorks



As you know we won the Snakes on A Plane contest and now we *have* to make a booty video.

We will need people from 12pm to 6pm this Sunday (July 9) to run around and look tough as shit.

Please show up at 11:30am we want to be on time.

email us for details & the address

Plenty of Parking.

Bring friends.


We're gonna be in PICTURES!

we won the contest.

which means that our song “Snakes on the Brain” is going to be featured in the motion picture, Snakes on a Plane.

the song will be featured as an mp3 in the enhanced content of the soundtrack album (NOT as audio on the actual album itself – you’ll only be able to hear it if you put the CD in your computer)

thanks everyone who voted.

"La Petite Morte" now online

La Petite Morte – a documentary film by Emmanuelle Schick which features music by Captain Ahab is now online in its entirety.

go to, click on films, and it’s the top entry.

FW: An open letter to Captain Ahab fans

Subject:     Open letter to Captain Ahab fans
Date:     May 25, 2006 1:37:47 PM PDT

Hello Jonathan,

This is Brian Miller from Deathbomb Arc, the record label that has
been releasing most of the Captain Ahab music recently. I’m sure you
still remember who I am even though we haven’t been on what one would
exactly call “speaking terms” ever since you caught me sucking on
Jim’s balls in the back of your tour hatchback. I’m hoping we can put
that behind us now though in the name of making some money (btw, I
definitly made some money that night).

Both at raves all of the globe and in emails I get from the hordes of
Captain Ahab fans trying to get your home info, I often get asked
questions about your releases that make me worry that the kids are
confused about how to get your music. I was hoping you could send this
open letter to your fans to help them out. I think we both would make
a lot of money if you did:

There are currently 2 *BIG* Captain Ahab releases out. They do NOT
share any songs between them, yet they both contain HITS that you
know, love, and want to own.

One release is the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booy” 12″ & DVD-r. This
contains the hit song of the same name, plus a handfull of other dirty
tracks. It also comes with a DVD-r of the famous video for this song,
with director commentary. This is the song that goes “I fuck your mom,
I fuck your dad, I fuck your Lexus, I fuck your pets when I’m being
paid to walk them in New York.”

The other *BIG* release is the new Captain Ahab full length CD, _After
the Rain, My Heart Still Dreams_. This has hit songs on it like “Girls
Gone Wild” and “Can’t Wait For Summer” and double digits more of ones
you hear at all the Captain Ahab shows. This album is a perfect album
in all ways. Concept, execution, production, all hit songs, beautifull
art. Silly yet serious, lewd yet cute, fun yet angry.

While you are at it, there is also a Captain Ahab song on the new
tribute to Cash Money Records called Why Is Anything Forbidden? vol2.
Just some good ol’Fashion indie-twee-electro from the band you love to
love. While any true playa like Captain Ahab will give a comp track to
anyone willing to pay, this is a rare case that Ahab donated an
awesome song because Jonathan fulling endorses and believes in the
quality of the entire album. There is a reason this comp was released
in conjunction with the new Ahab CD ~ it lives up to the par and can
stand tall besides it.

So now you know. And you are just moments away from spending your
money. All you need to do is follow these links:

and for even more Ahab action:

All the best,
Brian Miller
Deathbomb Arc


1067 E. Cypress Ave.
Burbank, CA 91501
#(* $&#@(*&(#*$&(#&$(#&$*(@

"U Want Me" Music Video

Captain Ahab – “U Want Me” from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

directed by Lawrence Klein

MUSIC VIDEO premier in LA this sunday!

This sunday, May 14 we return triumphantly from our nationwide tour
with Books on Tape to play at the Smell in Los Angeles, with Books on
Tape (of course), Anavan, Rose for Bohdan, and Nightwounds.

Not only is this the official release party for the new cd, “After
the Rain My Heart Still Dreams” but it’s also the premier of the new
music video (for “U Want Me” from the new album) and there will be
DVDs available at the show.

Tour is great!  Todd (books on tape) has been keeping a pretty great
blog about it over at if you’re
interested.  we, of course, are too lazy and care to little about our
fans to do such a thing.

anyway.  see you all on sunday,


Chicago show moved again!!!

it’s now at Beat Kitchen

2100 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618

we also added a Kalamazoo, MI show at Rocket Star Cafe

tour updates!!

tour updates:

May 3 – Baltimore, MD – Floristree space
H & H Building 405 W. Franklin St. 6th Floor, Baltimore, MD

May 7 – Chicago, IL – The Note (MOVED FROM SOUTH UNION ARTS)
1565 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60622

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