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Captain Ahab on Facebook!

Jim finally did something useful, and made us a Captain Ahab facebook page.  It’s here:

Flyer for Oct. 16


The new SEM

I am so excited. This thing is really beautiful.


I swear I will start updating this site.

By god, there will be updates.  Myspace is dead, so this site will LIVE!!! fuck yes.

The Captain Ahab Fan Club

From Deathbomb Arc:

Hello friends!

Are you a Captain Ahab fan? Well, in fall 2008 Deathbomb Arc will
release the new Captain Ahab album THE END OF IRONY. This follow-up to
After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams will take you in new directions
never experienced on an Ahab album or in the history of music itself.
You will experience new emotions not yet known to mankind (although
very similar to humiliation, cowardice, and pathetic submission).

Now, reading what a label says about this new album is one thing, but
what if you could hear sneak previews from THE END OF IRONY months
before anyone else? What if you could read the personal thoughts of
Captain Ahab mastermind Jonathan Snipes? What if you owned things that
we stole from dancer Jim Merson’s house? Then you would REALLY KNOW.
Wouldn’t you?

Well, all these things and more can happen to you! Join the Captain
Ahab fanclub and you’ll get not just these things but fanclub-only
tshirt, buttons and more!

Join today! Limited to 2000 members only, so act fast! More info,
paypal, and your entry point to THE END OF IRONY here: 


We’re touring Australia. Fuck yes. Here’s the shows:

aussie poster

Best of 2006

Ok, here is my sum up of the music I liked & was involved with in 2006.

First, is a list of my personal top-10 albums of the year:

1 Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth (Crucial Blast)
2 Pedestrian Deposit – Fatale (Hospital)
3 Girl Talk – Night Ripper (Illegal Art)
4 Sparks – Hello Young Lovers (In the Red)
5 Sword Heaven – 3″ (Apop)
6 Scott Walker – The Drift (4AD)
7 Father’s Day – I Don’t Want to Do This (Gilgongo)
8 Leafcutter John – The Forest and the Sea (Staubgold)
9 Joanna Newsom – YS (Drag City)
10 Grand Buffet – A Night of Laughin’ Vol. 1 (cdr)

Then my top 10 favorite singles & songs:

1 Scooter – The Logical Song (Toecutter Remix) (system corrupt)
2 Sparks – Dick Around (In The Red)
3 Ghostface Killer – Be Easy (Def Jam)
4 Umek – I am Ready (Astrodisco)
5 Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (Jive)
6 Sebastian – Smoking Kills (Ed Banger)
7 Mr. Oizo – Nazis (Justice Remix) (F Communications)
8 Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Warner Brothers)
9 Knifehandchop – Dirty New York (Tigerbeat6)
10 Tripp Nasty – Vanilla (CDR)

And finally, all of the releases I was involved with – it was quite a busy year for Captain Ahab:

Captain Ahab – After the Rain my Heart Still Dreams (Deathbomb Arc)
Captain Ahab – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booty (Deathbomb Arc)
Captain Ahab – Snakes on the Brain (Deathbomb Arc)
Captain Ahab – The Great Disappointment (Hatestate)
Captain Ahab – Chaff (CDR)
Unnecessary Surgery – The True Spirit of Delight (EMR)

Tik///Tik & The Stomach Aches – Sea/Door – 2 Captain Ahab remixes (Deathbomb Arc)
V/A – Why is Anything Forbidden 2 – Captain Ahab track “Play” (Deathbomb Arc)
Whitman – Uh-Oh The Po-Po – Captain Ahab remix (Barf Records)
DBA Tape Club Year 2 – Captain Ahab track “Conversation” (Deathbomb Arc)




Tik///Tik & The Stomach Aches – seadoor
2×3″ CDR – Deathbomb Arc records
DBA072 – September, 2006

relevant track listing:

Captain Ahab – the sound of the tik (remix of Tik///Tik)
Captain Ahab – Golden Failure (remix of The Stomach Aches)

Last Minute Captain Ahab show on MONDAY

Hey folks!

There’s a super last minute special Captain Ahab appearance on Monday, August 28 at il corral for sean carnage‘s anniversary show.

It starts at 10pm, and features us and The Pope.  Plus an awesome award ceremony & DJ Kyle H. Mabson

be there!

"Snakes on the Brain" on

Hi Friends.

Our new music video Snakes on the Brain (by Lawrence Klein, of course) is now available at

go check it out; it will blow your feeble little minds. AWESOME.

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