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Come be in a Captain Ahab video this Saturday, Jan 9!!

Hello Captain Ahab fans!

It’s time again to come participate in the filming of another Captain Ahab music video.  This video features performance footage that we need to YOUR help to make perfect.  Come first & get a FREE CD!!

Saturday, January 9, 12:30 pm

Captain Ahab fans!  Especially girls!

If you can, dress like you’re going to see Elvis perform in 1958.  But if you don’t have the right clothes, don’t worry about it – just come anyway!

The Smell
247 S. Main St. (enter in the back alley)
Los Angeles, CA 90012


New Years Eve Party @ Mountain Bar in Chinatown


My favorite songs of 2009

My favorite songs of 2009:

Kevin Blechdom – Running Away
Beautiful, simple, and catchy. While the whole record is great, this is the song that feels the most honest, least silly to me.  I always appreciate it when an artist is able to insert something so heartfelt in the middle of tongue & cheek surroundings and get away with it.

Tim Exile – A Little Bit More (Jamie Lidell cover)
Who knew this song needed a cover? I thought it was perfect before because of its simplicity. I should have realized that when complexity is well-crafted and tasteful, sometimes more is indeed more.

Attack Attack! – Stick Stickly
I revel in sounds and ideas that were once extreme and challenging becoming mediocre and safe. Proving time and time again that it’s not so much the sound you make that’s important, it’s the context you make it in. Skip to 2:46 & you’ll see why I love this. I’m a sucker for recontextualization.

Elite Drug Dealers – I’ll Kill My Kids If They Want To Listen To Shit Like Gothic-Doom
Love these vocals, and as Kyle Mabson is fond of pointing out, this is the best snare drum sound in any music ever.

Das Racist – Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (wallpaper remix)
Ah, a novelty song that isn’t overtly jokey, but just generally goofy, and also catchy as hell. The original track has none of these qualities. Cheers to Wallpaper for making this listenable.

Bring Me The Horizon – The Sadness Will Never End (Sonny Moore)
First we saw techno invade hip hop, now techno is invading metal. This is something I’ve been quietly wanting to happen for years. Of course, I wish this wasn’t a remix. I want a band to sound like this on its own.

LMFAO – Shots
This is a brutal song to be on the radio. Shotgun beats & screaming? Baltimore club invades the mainstream. How can I object? Plus I love songs that list things.

Black Point Ft. Del Patio – Watagatapitusberry
I don’t speak a word of Spanish, but supposedly it doesn’t matter since I’ve read that this is all neighborhood-specific Puerto Rican slang. Still, catchy as hell, and totally goofy. How can you fault the line, “Baby, you spaghetti”?

Rammstein – Pussy
I’ve always been a bigger fan of Rammstein’s ideas than their music. So I was thrilled when the two collided so perfectly here. Simple, direct, and totally stupid. Slam dunk.

The Lonely Island – Space Olympics
While “I’m on a boat” may be a better song, technically, this one’s about holding the Olympics in outer space. I love songs about really banal activities that are delivered with so much importance. The story arc of this song is particularly satisfying.

Powerman 5000 – V is For Vampire
I’m putting this song at the end, as I just discovered it and I’m still not sure if it warrants being on this list. But I can’t get it out of my head. Simple, direct concept – totally catchy & dumb. Obviously trying to cash in on the vampire craze, which I approve of. Makes me think of the Future Bible Heroes song I’m a Vampire which is much better, of course, but didn’t come out in 2009.

Favorite albums list forthcoming …

We'll be touring this March!

Good news!  We’re touring again.  For now, just the west coast USA, but rest assured that the remaining corners of the world will be hit in 2010 as well.  We’re touring with our good friend Tik///Tik, which is very exciting, and so far the tour looks like this:

Thur 18 – Oakland
Fri 19 – SF at Hemlock
Sat 20 – Portland at Rotture
Sun 21 – Seattle
Mon 22 – Vancouver BC
Tue 23 – Portland
Wed 24 – Boise
Thurs 25 – Salt Lake City
Fri 26 – Denver at Rhinoceropolis
Sat 27 – Albuquerque at The Rio Grande Satanical Gardens
Sun 28 – Phoenix at Trunkspace
a fews days off then
Fri April 1 – San Diego
Sat 2 – Los Angeles at The Smell


Nov. 28 show with Barnwave, Baseck, Wet Mango, Tleilaxu, MORE


Gayumbos Interview with Captain Ahab

Triumphant reunion of Nilbog!

Remember when Captain Ahab performed as Goblin for the Sean Carnage Tribute to Tribute nights?  We added a full band and played a bunch of awesome Goblin songs?  Remember that?  Yeah!  Me too!  IT WAS GREAT.  At any rate, that band has become a band in its own right, called Nilbog (it’s Goblin spelled backwards!!!!!!!!) and we’re performing for the first time in years tomorrow night, October 28 at Cinefamily in Los Angeles.  Here’s the info:

See you all there!!

nilbog web flyer

Your chance to be heard in a Captain Ahab song!

Ok, here’s the deal.  You record yourself singing along with the supplied file, and you will be heard on the new Captain Ahab record, The End of Irony.

Download AhabChantForFans.mp3

The lyrics are, “Power, Honor, Ambition, Future” repeated over and over again.  Please submit a dry, isolated track of yourself (and/or your friends) performing this chant to this email address:  fanchant [at] by November 30, 2009.  You can submit any format you wish, but we prefer to receive 48khz, 24bit aiff or wav files.  It’s preferable to send a link to a file than to attach a file directly to an email – but both are acceptable.

An expanded presence on the interwebs

As you may have noticed, you can now follow Captain Ahab on Twitter:

AND you can check and see what sort of music I’m listening to over on

There’s been some speculation on whether or not the page is really me.  There are several “Captain Ahab” users, but the one with the name “endofirony” is really me.  Who else would listen to *all* of Alan Silvestri’s Mouse Hunt score at 2:30 am?

Sickboy remix of Partybaby

is featured on 20 Jazz Funk Greats!


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