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Presale Tickets for the last Captain Ahab show

Are available here: - this show looks like it will sell out, so you are encouraged to get your tickets in advance.

Time to Say Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye. The first Captain Ahab show happened in August of 2001, over 11 years ago. The band has come along way, but it’s time to pursue other interests, musical and otherwise. Thanks for all the support over the years. It’s been amazing, but it’s time for it to end.  The final Captain Ahab show will happen on November 2, 2012 at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA.


PATTY: The Revival

The original cast album from Jonathan’s new musical, PATTY: The Revival, is now available for purchase from bandcamp.



MAY 18-27, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica CA

PATTY is a PoP! Musical EVENT! A Religious Revival!! An E! True Hollywood Fashion Tragedy.
Featuring a 13-track pop score by Jonathan Snipes (of Captain Ahab and clipping.) with Kristin “Kevin Blechdom” Erickson and Daveed Diggs, PATTY has been created and is produced and directed by award winning multi-media artist Patrick Kennelly.


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All our releases are now “pay what you want” on bandcamp

Over at our bandcamp page, ALL our releases are now available for whatever price you want.  Get them for free if you’re poor, or help us out if you’re not.  THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

Captain Ahab EU Tour + NEW VIDEO!

We’re coming back to the EU in November!  Fuck yeah.  Not as long as we’d like or as many places, but we’ll be back in May, 2012 to fill in all the gaps.  YESSSS.  Also, we have ANOTHER new music video, made by our good friend Patrick Kennelly.


The Kingdom of Light

New music video!  ”The Kingdom of Light” – directed by Lawrence Klein.


More T-Shirts!

Now the Robert Inhuman designed T-Shirts from the last tour are available in the Deathbomb Arc Webstore!

Go get them.


Now you can buy shirts online!

Captain Ahab shirts are now available online in the deathbomb arc webstore.  More sizes, colors, and styles are on their way!


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