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Electronic Gaming Monthly

electronic gaming monthly

Electronic Gamer’s Monthly
December, 2004 issue

the CDRom that came with this issue featured a bunch of Totally Radd!! mp3s & videos, with a Captain Ahab remix of Mike Tyson’s punchout.

relevant track listing:

Totally Radd!! – Mike Tyon’s Punchout (Mistakenly labeled as Aphex Twin on Napster remix by Captain Ahab

The Sex is Next

The Sex is Next
CD – A2 Audio
August, 2004

track listing:

1. Ahab Bass
2. Old Skool Feeva
3. Music Makes Me
4. Trapped in Paradise
5. I Can’t Believe (feat. vocals by Catherine Talton)
6. Maybe You and I
7. Blind Love
8. In the Garden
9. Make You Love Me
10. Do You Remember?
11. Make a Wish! (feat. vocals by Neil Schuh)
12. The Canvas of Love


guitar by David Semien
drums by Josh Loar
bass by Chaki
clarinet by David Beaudry
backup vocals by Zoe Boxer, Anna Doherty, Catherine Talton
mastered by Brian Mohr
girl on the cover is Molly Schade
Notes: The versions of Blind Love and Trapped in Paradise here are different than the ones on the Diesel/Heavy comp and the nclash tour split, respectively


diesel thing

CD – Diesel-U-Music
March , 2004

relevant track listing:

Captain Ahab – Blind Love

Powerslaves – an Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden

Powerslaves – An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden
CD – Angelmaker Records
AMCD 00:012
October, 2003

relevant track listing:

Captain Ahab – Flash of the Blade

NClash tour split

Captain Ahab & Swimming is Floating – Nintendoclash tour EP
CDR – nclash
August, 2003

Swimming is Floating:

1. Ducktales
2. Hallowed be Thy Name
3. Turtle Eggs and Mumblety Pegs (Remix)
4. Shark Attack Day Camp (Remix by Goodnight Star)
5. Shark Attack Day Camp: A Film by Michael Bay (Remix by Captain Ahab)
6. Dressed Up: In a Books Style (Remix by Books on Tape)

Captain Ahab:

7. Trapped in Paradise
8. You are a Taxi (Captain Ahab’s Midnight Express Mix)
9. Do You Remember? (Fabrik Nos’ Memorial Mix)
10. Why You Left
11. Do You Remember? (Remix by Swimming is Floating)

notes: You are a Taxi is a song by Tender Buttons

Swimming is Floating is Totally Radd!!

Hurts So Good

Hurts So Good

Cock ESP – Hurts So Good
CD – V/VM Test Records
July, 2003

relevant track listing:

The Cock Looks Red (Captain Ahab remix)

Decoration Monster

decoration monster

Rose for Bohdan – Decoration Monster
CD – Deathbomb Arc
July, 2003

relevant track listing:

Crippled Jellyfish (Captain Ahab remix)

Bot Pirate

Bot Pirate
12″ – Irritant Records
September, 2002

track listing:

A1 – You Never Ever Ever Ever (Radio Edit)
A2 – 4 pi X plus the square root of me over you plus 3 y squared equals love
A3 – Stay with Me

B1 – I Wanna Love You Like a Robot
B2 – God Told Me to Become an Accountant
B3 – Put My Funk Inside You
B4 – God Bless America

Welcome to My World

welcome to my world

Welcome to My World
CD – Irritant Records
July, 2002

relevant track listing:

Captain Ahab – You Never Ever Ever Ever

Jungle Warfare – The Anti-Sephora Movement


Jungle Warfare Coalition – The AntiSephora Movement: CD 1

relevant track listing:

Captain Ahab – Click Here

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